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Zuca Flashing Wheels (Set of Two)

Zuca Flashing Wheels (Set of Two)

The Zuca flashing wheels (set of two) have been extensively upgraded and elaborated for all kinds of travelers of all ages looking to have a comfortable and stylish traveling experience. These wheels have been meticulously designed to give you the feeling of ultimate luxury and sensible practicality because of the smart technology that has been used to put these wheels together. The Zuca flashing wheels can be taken over any kind of terrain whether it’s a flat surface, scratched surface or even a flight of stairs these Zuca wheels are made of polyurethane with shock absorbents that facilitate a very silent ride as you stroll your bag well as due to them being extremely light in weight they are flexible providing optimal support and alignment and do not let your bag topple off and ensure every landing is safe, flawless and hassle free. Their eclectic and vibrant colorful flashing wheels keep you safe when its dark as they light up and sparkle brightly when you walk, their special magneto core also generates electricity as you stroll your bag, so you never need to worry about replacing the batteries, these wheels are also compatible with the Zuca flyer as well as the Zuca pro travel bag. Their sophisticated style and design set them apart from other travel gear that is currently available making it a choice to be considered before finalizing suitable luggage.

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