Sizing & Measuring

How can I measure my feet?

To get the right size it is important to measure the foot correctly.
You need to get the length of the foot in millimeters and then compare with the length of the boot.

Measure the foot wearing the socks you use for skating. These socks should be thin in a microfiber or another smooth absorbent material to reduce friction in the shoe and ensure maximum sensitivity.

The leg below the knee should be perpendicular to the floor and not at an angle. Another person should then trace around your foot with a thin pencil that should be kept upright and as close as possible to the foot.
Once this is completed draw a line on each sheet between the extreme points of the heel and toes and measure it.
Using this method you will also be able to see the width. This is the size of your feet.
Note the accuracy of the trace and thickness of the pen can affect this method.

NOTE: For adults or fully developed feet there should be no more than 5mm of wiggle room. However, for children with growing feet experience has established that a 10mm gap is ideal.
We are more than happy to assist you with the measuring process to help you get the best possible fit for you!  Feel free to give us a call and Jonathan will guide you and answer any questions you may have.