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Edea Concerto - Ladies

Edea Concerto - Ladies

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Tough Construction 85 
 Sizes: 225 through 280 in 5mm Increments. 
 Full and Half Sizes for Ladies (Ivory) 
 225 through 310 in 5mm increments. 
 Full and Half Sizes for Men (Black) 
 Colors: Ivory and Black
 Type of Skating: ICE and Inline Roller Skating
 Training Level: Double, Triple, and Quad Jumps 
 (Even a good option for lower level Skaters, 
 In EDEA you cannot "OverBoot" a Skater)
 Training Hours: 20 to 25 Plus Hours per week Comfort Level: Ultra Comfortable Skate, 
 Feels like a Traditional Skate

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The EDEA Skates CONCERTO represents a great advancement in Skate Technology and in turn, in the Skating itself. The EDEA CONCERTO is the Ultimate Skating Boot for ICE FreeStyle, Roller Long Figures, and Inline FreeStyle Roller Skating. Ultra Light Super Tough Construction with Beautiful Leather finish outside and perforated MicroFibre Lining. The CONCERTO is made with Revolutionary NEW Ultra Lightweight Materials, which means the CONCERTO is about 25% to 45% lighter than comparable traditional leather Skating Boots. The CONCERTO is designed for High Performance Ice Skating, Roller Long Figures, and Inline FreeStyle Roller Skating and is incredibly comfortable, and yet carries that feel of a traditional Skate. With EDEA Skates it is almost impossible to "over-boot" the Skater, so don't be afraid to make the change to the lightest NEW Skates in the World.

 These are Beautiful and Comfortable Italian Skates which are available from or through your local Dealer or Pro Shop

The MicroPerforated MicroFibre Lining is long lasting and ventilates the perspiration quickly. The Anatomically Shaped Memory Foam Padding and Formed fit of the boot is shaped by the Thermoformable Structure and provides the best in foot contact and control while giving the movement range to allow Great Performances. Other features are the comfortable Back Cuff Padding for great pointing of the toes, the Rounded Heel base Shape which more evenly distributes the weight and adds torsional stability, the Full Wrapped Padding, the Shaped Extra Padded Tongue, the Tongue Tab which controls the position of the tongue, and the Sewn in strong forged long Hooks. The unique EDEA Footbed is torsionally rigid but with just a bit of vertical compression, that creates a lower center of gravity in the Skate, creating a lower displacement which greatly increases stability and control. The Footbed and bottom cover will not absorb moisture and WILL Securely hold the special EDEA screws, mounting the Ice Blades. For a very detailed Technology White Paper on the differences between EDEA Skates and traditional Leather Skates, please take a little time and read "Why EDEA Skates are so Special" from the Learning Center of

In most cases the Break-In period is just a few hours, not days, weeks, or Months, but the most important Features are how LIGHT and COMFORTABLE the EDEA CONCERTO is! 

Blade Sizing is very consistent for each size and between models, please use the Sizing Chart. When Mounting EDEA Skates, please follow the correct Blade Mounting procedures for all EDEA Skates . The Sizing and Mounting information is in the Learning Center on When properly mounted utilizing the EDEA screws, no additional water proofing of the Skates should be necessary. 

EDEA Skates fit a great majority of Skaters (because of the newly designed shoe lasts), right out of the box, but some have need of special accommodations to give that perfect fit. EDEA Skates ALL have a Thermoformable Structure which allows manipulation of the boot to give the perfect Custom fit without the Custom price . EDEA Skates use a special Memory Foam (like on your matress) and DO NOT use gel packs or standard foam that are heated in an oven, then the foot inserted to shape the inside padding of the boot only, this method allows change and movement of the old style padding over time, which is not a good thing. EDEA Skates DO use very high tech materials (similar to a carbon fiber or Kevlar material) which can be shaped using Heat Guns and Special Shoe Lasts, in very specific locations or general widening or narrowing of the Skating Boot. This "Shaping" is actually changing the Structural Shape of the Skate. Once the boot is "Shaped", it will stay in that shape, until the "Shaping" process is changed again. provides this very special Custom Fitting service. 
The EDEA CONCERTO IS the same structural Strength as the ICE FLY, but feels a little stiffer due to the thicker leather outers.

The EDEA CONCERTO is the premier Skate that is primarily used by all levels of Men’s and Ladies Singles Skaters and the Ladies of the Pairs Teams. With the thicker leather on the Tongue, the CONCERTO offers just a little more resistance or support for landing those BIG throw Jumps.


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