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Stink-eez Pals


Stink-eez are a fun shoe and boot deodorizer that also remove moisture from the interior of athletic footwear and particularly effective for figure and hockey skates whose lining has absorbed perspiration and the accompanying odor. Bright patterns, shaped like Dolphins and Lizards, they help keep skate bags and Zucas fresh!

Stink-eez will continue to work for at least a year. Rejuvenate Stink-eez powerful desiccant by placing in a pillowcase and putting in a medium heat dryer for 5-10 minutes.

Stink-eez come packaged in pairs. We will match your color and print request to our available stock. However due to our ever-changing supply of fabric, we cannot guarantee all color and print requests.  You may want to add a second choice as a backup.  

*Note: Color combination may not match the picture shown.  

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